Vegan Lifestyle Coaching (In Person)


If you want to improve your health, consider our vegan coaching course. We will help you transition to a vegan, plant-based lifestyle filled with nutritious alkaline foods. We will provide you with 4 in-person sessions where we provide you with a variety of vegan recipes, alternatives to meat and dairy, and best practices on how to make the transition to eating more alkaline foods. Our vegan coaches will show you how easy it is to adopt the vegan lifestyle. 

By the time you are done with your sessions, you’ll be feeling and looking better and eating better. Whether you are on a weight loss journey or you just want to include more vegetables in your diet, our plan helps everyone live a life of wellness.


What’s Included In Our Vegan Coaching Services? 

-We will show you how to read nutritional labels on the products your purchase so you know what’s healthy.
-Learn how to plan your meals throughout the week so you’ll always have access to healthy foods
-Expand your pallet as we included a recipe book for FREE. You’ll have over +100 pages of recipes
-Well helps you to avoid to most common unhealthy foods that you don’t know about!
-Access to our Vegan Coach/Consultant on a WEEKLY basis to guide you through your lifestyle transformation
-We’ll remove all the unhealthy products from your pantry that adversely affect your health
-Consultative support via email and phone.
-We’ll even take you to the grocery store and help you select foods that are alkaline and vegan (1 hour)


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