New 2022 Vegan Cookbook


Bereisheet 129

Vegan Plant-Based Cuisines

Volume 2

Is Finally Here!

This cookbook is not just innovative, but provides you with directions on how to make fabulous meals without all of the hassle. Bereisheet 129 has taken the guess work out of the recipes and thought about how to make your lives easier every step of the way. In this cookbook you will find some similar recipes like in Cookbook #1, however with a more raw approach.

If you love desserts, condiments, entrees and pasta then you will love this cookbook as well. Not to mention you will get to meet our CEO and hear a little bit about her struggle with health and how her recipes have not only saved her life, but the lives of those who she assists. Order your cookbook today and you will see why cooking the Bereisheet 129 way is the best way!



By launching yet another cookbook, Erica has learned that there is no limit when it comes to preparing meals. Whether it is cooked or raw stick with Erica and you will master the skills necessary to prepare nutritious meals that your family will learn to enjoy for years to come.

Be yourself and Be great at it, that's my best business advice for future female CEOs.

By Erica

Let's Get Cooking!